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Ways To Earn Bitcoin Without Buying It Or Staking It

By December 18, 2022No Comments

A wise man once said, “gm, stay humble and stack sats”.

Because that’s the ultimate game right now isn’t it?

To accumulate as many sats as possible before the masses catch on. Right now, one USD fetches you about 6,000 sats. Beyond smash buys and dollar cost averaging, what else can a mere pleb do?

Below are eight alternative ways to stack sats beyond outright buying them.

1 – Credit Card Reward Points

We’re all aware that credit card companies provide reward points that are typically good for cash back or airline miles, but were you aware that some companies are now allowing you to earn BTC rewards?

Here’s an extensive list of cards that currently pay back in crypto (Bitcoin included). I personally use the Gemini Credit Card.

2 – Referral Fees from Exchanges

When you get your friends, family, or website visitors to sign up for an exchange like SwanBitcoin you can get paid in sats.

3 – Shopping Rewards

The company Lolli rewards you for online shopping (purchasing specific products) in Bitcoin. What could be better than earning BTC while impulse buying?

4 – Affiliate Marketing

By becoming an affiliate marketing partner with hardware wallets like Ledger you get reimbursed with BTC anytime someone purchases one of their products with your affiliate link. 

5 – Read & Earn

You can scoop up some sats just by reading?

Yes, my friend. 

Earn Carrot allows you to learn about Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin.

6 – Listen to Podcasts

The Fountain App, whose tagline is “the podcast app that pays” allows you to earn sats, for free, while listening to podcasts.

7 – Debit Card Rewards

Sound money, sound rewards is the motto of Fold, the debit card that rewards you with sats. Sign up and earn satoshis anytime you make a purchase with it – including paying off your mortgage.

8 – Community Health Coverage

The company CrowdHealth is an alternative to health insurance that pools monthly fees from all users to pay for unexpected medical costs. A portion of your monthly fee gets converted into BTC and stays in a savings account. 

The best part is? If you leave, all those sats are yours. 

Happy stacking, thank me later.

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