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How to Store Cryptocurrency Offline

How To Store Cryptocurrency Offline

How to Store Cryptocurrency Offline

Definition of Cold Storage: a means of safely securing cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) offline.

Cold Storage is like putting physical gold bars into a safe only you have access to. Cold storage prevents hackers from being able to access your holdings via traditional means.

Peter here, I’m a Software Engineer that provides cold storage consulting services to help people answer the question of how to store cryptocurrency offline.  Over the past couple of years, I have spent over 1000 hours researching Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchanges, hardware wallets, and cold storage.  I offer a service that helps individuals move their cryptocurrency and Bitcoin off of exchanges into cold storage.

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Cold Storage Lead

My Story

Since 2013, I have worked in the technology industry, primarily in Web Design and SEO. In January 2017, I was intrigued about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and began educating myself in this space. 

Recently, public companies such as Square & MicroStrategies started to convert a percentage of their cash holdings into Bitcoin. That’s when I knew Bitcoin moved from a speculative asset to a legitimate asset, and it was safe enough to help others convert a small percentage of their net worth to Bitcoin.  

In the summer of 2020, I helped a relative convert a small percentage of her retirement savings into Bitcoin and then transfer it safely to cold storage. Through this experience, I realized that I could help others with this process of how to store cryptocurrency offline

If you are fearful of the process of cold storage I’m here to help.  A simple consultation with me can help you navigate a changing and dynamic new form of investment, just like I helped my relative. 

My services consist of:


  • Understanding what cold storage is

  • How To Store Crypto In Cold Storage

  • Communicating the significance and general concepts of Bitcoin

  • Signing up for an account on a Crypto Currency exchange

  • Buying Bitcoin safely on an exchange

  • Transferring the Bitcoin to a Ledger Hardware wallet safely and securely from an exchange

  • Safely storing the hardware wallet in cold storage

  • Additional Consulting Services (Upon Request)

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor I am a consultant for the purchasing and storage of cryptocurrencies. I’m not here to tell you if you should buy, or how much you should buy, I’m here to help you buy new crypto currency technology and store it safely.