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My Bitcoin Story

In 2017 I first learned about Bitcoin through a series of blog posts and from the Tim Ferriss Podcast with Nick Szabo. I got the general gist of bitcoin’s value proposition back then, bought a small amount, and forgot about it.

Then in 2020, Michael Saylor came into the picture with his first purchase of $250 million dollars worth of bitcoin for his public companies’ (MicroStrategy) treasury. His company has since accumulated over 129,000 bitcoins.  In addition to that, the country El Salvador purchased 400 bitcoins and made the digital currency legal tender. Upon learning about this, I started to dive deeper down the bitcoin rabbit hole. I subsequently bought and read the book The Bitcoin Standard and became all in on the asset and its computer network.

I believe that Bitcoin has the potential to become as impactful as the printing press or the internet in our civilization — hence my fascination with it.

My Bitcoin Based Actions

Purchases & Wallet Experience

I believe in having “skin in the game”. There’s no type of learning like getting your hands dirty. Below is a summary of the actions I’ve taken since 2019 in order to gain experience with Bitcoin.

I’ve downloaded and bought Bitcoin on five different exchange applications (Coinbase, Gemini, CashApp, Swan Bitcoin, and CoinBase wallet), you can learn more about my Coinbase deep dive here.  I have purchased and used three different types of hardware wallets for cold storage. My favorite, hands down, is the Ledger.

Bitcoin Applications & Services

I created a BTC Net Worth application. I also started and provide a Crypto Cold Storage Consulting service.

Bitcoin Lightning Node Setup

I’ve installed and hosted my own Nodl Lightning Node. I use FullyNoded as the application to read and manage the lightning node. The reference guide to set up FullyNoded can be found on this GitHub page.

BTC Lightning Node

My Bitcoin Education

I’ve compiled the most impactful Bitcoin podcasts I’ve listened to. They can be found on this page. In addition to the consumption of those podcasts I’ve read, listened to, and watched over 1,000 hours of bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based media. The specific books and articles I’ve read are:

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